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Date & Time


 Monday, 21 August

 21:30-01:00 GMT-3

Assador Steakhouse


In the south of Brazil, a barbecue appeared 300 years ago. The ASSADOR was the one who prepared the meat, who understood the cuts, who knew the materials, the knives, the grills and even the best ground to plant the wooden skewers and start roasting. In those days, barbecuing was only done by experts who passed on their knowledge to their children and grandchildren. Things haven’t changed much since then. At the Assador Steakhouse, you’ll find the whole ritual of barbecuing with the ancestral knowledge of the ASSADOR.

You will be able to experience and feel the unchanging soul of the ASSADOR, but today with vegan and vegetarian options, while enjoying a privileged view of Sugarloaf Mountain in one of the most beautiful places in Rio de Janeiro.

Dress code: Business Casual