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Networking Brunch (OPTIONAL)

Date & Time


 Saturday, 26 August

 11:00-14:00 GMT-3

Casa Camolese


Before saying your final goodbyes, join us for our optional Networking Brunch at the charming Casa Camolese, the place where the body and soul are nourished. More than just a restaurant, it is a place for inspiring meetings.

The history of the place begins with Cello Camolese, a businessman who is half from São Paulo and half from Rio de Janeiro. Cello was dedicated to the revitalisation of the building, but he had to start almost from scratch, as the beautiful 19th-century façade of the place was the only thing left standing. The magnificent space, designed by Bel Lobo, includes a restaurant, a craft brewery and a high-end cocktail bar.

Dress code: Casual