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Opening Ceremony & Walking Dinner

Date & Time


 Tuesday, 22 August

 19:30-03:00 GMT-3



The dazzling view awaits you at the Opening Ceremony & Walking Dinner that will take place on the top of SugarLoaf Mountain (Pão de Açúcar). This 396-metre-high dome-shaped natural landmark is one of the best attractions and most beautiful sights in Rio de Janeiro. Its name is not coincidental, as the shape of the mountain resembles a loaf of sugar. The cable car that takes you to the top offers a panoramic view of the city. From this unique location, you will be able to experience one of the most breathtaking sunsets over Rio.

Since 2012, SugarLoaf Mountain has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Dress code: Business formal

KEYNOTE speech

Languages of persuasion for lawyers: breaking communication barriers with clients

Addressing the central theme of the Congress, “Re-thinking the law in four dimensions,” and providing innovative solutions to anticipate clients’ future challenges, the keynote speech during the Opening Ceremony will address the following questions: What truly motivates clients? What factors influence their business? Rather than assuming their needs, the approach should involve asking and subsequently devising solutions. Modern-day legal professionals should possess the skills to connect, communicate, and comprehend their clients.

This speech will serve as an excellent introduction to the task that each academic session of the AIJA 61st Annual Congress will undertake: distilling genuine future problems and formulating corresponding solutions.

KEYNOTE Speakers

Valéria Brandini

Valéria’s professional journey began at UNICAMP, specializing in urban anthropology and focusing on youth subcultures in the alternative/grunge rock scene. The study explored how these groups employed self-created items, clothing, and DIY rituals for identity and unity.

Realizing consumption’s role in culture, she shifted to studying luxury consumption in Brazil for her PhD. She applied anthropological methods to business, co-founding an Applied Anthropology company, using techniques like ethnography and cultural analysis.

Her focus expanded to organizational anthropology, addressing corporate culture, transformation, and social considerations. She predicted businesses would adopt social causes and inclusion due to digital culture and ESG principles.

Besides her research, Valéria also works as an international speaker, delivering conferences in Europe, North America, and Latin America, and teaches in postgraduate courses at USP, ESPM, FIA, FAAP, Belas Artes, and other institutions.

Marcello Magalhaes

With a decade of international marketing and innovation experience at Unilever and Abbott Laboratories, he rose to strategic planning roles at leading agencies like Y&R, Lowe, BBH, FCB, Ogilvy, and Leo Burnett, becoming Chief Strategy Officer in Chicago.

Marcello co-founded the acclaimed Tailor Made ad agency (acquired by Publicis Group), partnered with BrandThinkTank, and co-founded the sonic branding house, Hole in the Wall Gang.

In 2018, he established Speakeasy — Knowledge Brokers, a global network of brand innovation freelancers. Holding three Masters (2 in Communications, 1 in Design), he has taught at Miami Ad School for 15 years, residing in Miami with his family.

KEYNOTE speech

Rethinking Human Rights

The speech will focus on 2 key questions: 1) How to rethink human rights? What are the key challenges and perspectives for human rights?; and 2) How to reinvent and reimagine our role as lawyers for a better world? Addressing the first question, the keynote speaker will deal with 7 central challenges for human rights: the internet and the digital era; artificial intelligence (AI); business; climate change; equality and diversity; the sustainable development goals (SDGs); and international cooperation, democracy and the rule of law. In the light of those 7 challenges, the second question will foment the need to rethink human rights, reshaping the law and our social role in the contemporary order.

KEYNOTE speech

Flávia Piovesan

Flavia Piovesan is a lawyer and professor of Constitutional Law and Human Rights at the Catholic University of São Paulo, Catholic University of Paraná, University of Buenos Aires, American University Washington College of Law.

She was Brazil’s Special Secretary for Human Rights, Commissioner of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACH) of the Organization of American States (OAS), Vice-President of the IACH (2020-2021), member of the UN High Level Task Force on the implementation of the right to development and a member of OAS Working Group for monitoring the San Salvador Protocol on social, economic and cultural rights.

She holds a masters and a PhD in Constitutional Law from the Catholic University of São Paulo. She was a visiting fellow of the Human Rights Program at Harvard Law School, a human rights visiting fellow at the Centre for Brazilian Studies, University of Oxford, a visiting fellow at the Max-Planck-Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law (Heidelberg, Germany) and the recipient of the Humboldt Georg Foster Research Award in 2022.


Favela Brass is a music education programme for children and teenagers in the favelas and public schools of Rio de Janeiro.

Students learn wind instruments, percussion, and a repertoire typical of fanfares and street blocks – from sambas and marchinhas to carioca funk and jazz. They hold workshops in the Pereira da Silva community in Laranjeiras and at Aterro do Flamengo, and they also make public presentations with students throughout the year.

Favela Brass is dedicated to promoting cultural inclusion and social transformation by providing free music education to youth living in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas and public schools.

They envision a Rio de Janeiro where all children have the opportunity to learn wind and percussion instruments, offering their contribution to the popular musical culture of the city.


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