Based on the increasing demand for crypto, the development of blockchain technology and regulatory trends bringing security to market players, the role of blockchain and digital assets in M&A deals is arguably anticipated to rise. The blockchain technology entails notable potential e.g. in terms of providing additional certainty and speeding up certain steps of the M&A process. However, as the industry is still relatively new, there is no clearly established market practice or harmonized legislation, although the EU has taken the initiative in respect of digital assets with the new regulation on markets in crypto assets (MiCA).

The session will give an overview of what digital assets and blockchain technology are. The session will centre around ideas on how to anticipate and navigate issues posed by the developments in the crypto market by discussing recent and emerging trends and M&A activity in the crypto sector as well as the potential impact and use of blockchain technology during the M&A lifecycle.

How should digital assets be taken into account in M&A transactions? Could the crypto market replace external banks in deal financing? How is security ensured, is further harmonization through legislation required? Can blockchain technology revolutionize the company identity and contractual relationships (including deal documentation)? Will, or should, decentralized autonomous organizations be regulated and what would be the impacts?