The last few years have seen a revolution in our understanding of the relationship between real and intellectual property with real property assets sold through smart contracts and the metaverse collapsing the perceived difference between the imaginary and the real. These trends are set to continue over the next decade. Our panel will focus on several key areas of change, among which: challenges related to real estate tokenization and the use of blockchains as alternatives to traditional property registers; issues concerning the ownership of “real estate” assets in the digital world (metaverse and NFTs); will we talk about ownership or licenses? Property or chiose in action? Or a combination of them? Could the owners rent out their digital property? What rights would the owners or renters have? In the light of existing laws, we will try to define, in an interactive session with the audience, the answers that tomorrow’s legislator is likely to bring to these questions and to the underlying challenges to regulate and clarify the new frontiers between intellectual property and real property.