Unleash your inner futurist and buckle up for a riveting journey into a world where AI wears the judge’s robes! AI is here and is going to stay (and evolve). This session will focus on the impacts that the further advancement of AI may have in international arbitrations and litigation, forecasting issues that may challenge clients and practitioners in the future.

In a universe where algorithms will play a key role in the legal profession, will you consent to an AI arbitrator? Speakers will argue whether we can trust AI in the foggy realms of circumstantial evidence, specially in high-stakes fraud cases. As we navigate the future of digital justice, we will engage with questions on data protection threats, error minimization, and potential liabilities. Get ready for an adrenaline-infused debate from across the aisles of Arbitration Chambers, Tribunals, and legal departments. Don’t miss this courtroom drama of the future!