Insolvency and private clients and family law are often considered as different, unrelated topics. Rightly so? Not really: Insolvencies of companies have a deep impact on the human beings working for the bankrupt company. How to repair the harm caused? Insolvency related topic are also to be found on a director level, when the director and sole shareholder begins to transfer company assets to the spouse, children, etc. How can the human being anticipate the worst case scenario? And who is to protect in this situation? The human being trying to save an existence, or the creditors, who may heavily depend on the money owed? In the aftermath of the pandemic, in cases of economical difficulties for companies on the middle/long run, likely leading to insolvency, we are willing to explore, looking to the future, what would be the new strategies to secure assets, families (in all its forms) wealth and transmission (regulations, tools, use of new technologies…) taking also in account the social cost, impact on individuals and companies that governments have to put into balance. Let’s think in 4-dimensions towards the future and the humans.