Industry players are expected to decarbonize their supply chains; investors and financial institutions are aiming to invest only in sustainable business; workers would rather work for sustainable companies; our planet needs sustainable initiatives; young generations embrace sustainable ideas and future generations will depend on that; Net zero is the goal for the future, but what are the steps to be taken now that will lead us there? How to overcome this chicken & egg challenge? Building new vessels and new engines that will be powered with green fuel depends on the availability of such new fuels and proper infrastructure worldwide. On the other hand, to stimulate the production and distribution of green fuels at a large global scale it is needed a market ready to consume these new products. What comes first? The purpose of this session will be not only to analyse possible legal, economic and financial hindrances to overcome but also to assess the options and initiatives that should take place in the upcoming years so that the transport industry can reach this important environmental goal of net zero.