When do insolvency, private clients and family law intersect? When companies enter financial difficulties that impact the individual stakeholders. Insolvencies of companies have significant financial consequences for shareholders, other stakeholders and their families (in all forms). The panel will delve into the intersection of insolvency, family law and private clients to explore the tension between estate planning and asset protection on the one hand and those who seek to get their debts paid from these parties on the other hand (including divorcing spouses). Speakers and the audience will discuss current trends and propose new strategies for the future (regulations, tools, and use of new technologies, among others) regarding asset protection, family wealth, its transmission and the creditors’ rights. We will explore options for both asset protection and remedies for creditors: where does the right to protection of one’s asset stop, and the right to seek recourse begin? Let’s think in 4-dimensions towards the future.