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Welcome reception

Date & Time


 Monday, 21 August

 19:30-21:15 GMT-3

Museum of Tomorrow (Museu do Amanhã)


A unique place in its architectural form and scientific exploration. A venue designed with the concepts of sustainability and conviviality in mind, exploring the ever-changing times we live in and the possible pathways we may take over the next 50 years.

The museum was designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The shape of the building was inspired by the bromeliads of the Rio Botanical Gardens.

The Museum of Tomorrow, located in the historic region on the shores of Guanabara Bay, is devoted to fostering the relevance of culture and education. The Museum aims to address the issue of integrating a city into its revitalisation process, looking back at its origins and history as well as humanity’s role within it now and for the next five decades in close liaison with its social, cultural and environmental background.

The Museum of Tomorrow is an outstanding location to kick-off the first evening of our four-dimensional journey.

Dress code: Business Casual